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Click here to access our 6th grade website.

Subscribe to receive text alerts about things that are happening in class! This is a one-way alert system and everyone's information stays completely confidential. Students are welcome to subscribe along with parents.

Just text: @c98abdg to 81010

To purchase books at the Scholastic online store, use class code: KFGMF

To log into your child's school Google account:

email: Their "S" number (ex.:

password: The first two letters of their first name + the first two letters of their last name + their two digit birth month + their two digit birth day

(For example, since my name is Erica Curtis and my birthday is February 22nd, my password would be ercu0222)

 Logging into the Wonders website:

Click on the link from my "links" page or the Hillcrest homepage.

Your child's user name is his/her "S" number. You must be sure to use a capital S (example: S654321)

Your child's password is their first name (beginning with a capital letter), followed by 123 (example: Erica123)


Students who meet their weekly AR goals will receive 5 bonus points on their reading tests. They are eligible to earn this each week. Additionally, when students meet their 25 point goal, all 6th grade teachers have agreed to award 10 bonus points per subject (added to the assignment of the teacher's choosing).


To email me directly:

To log into the Big Universe website:

Username: S number (ex: S654321)

Password: S number (same as username)

Group username: alecs (this stands for Alabama Enterprise City Schools)


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