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I was born and raised in Ozark, Alabama.  I attended Carroll High School, graduating in 1993.  After graduation, I headed north to the University of Montevallo to study communication science disorders.  I spend the next six years there and completed the masters program in 1999.  Go Falcons and PV!


I began working in the Enterprise City Schools in August, 1999 at Harrand Creek Elementary.  As a speech teacher, I have had the opportunity to travel to many schools in the district and work with kids of all ages from preschool through high school.  This begins my 17th year.  I am very excited to be at Hillcrest Elementary School this year!


My husband Jason and I have been married for 17 years.  We have two children, Macy (11) and Jack (7).  They both attend Hillcrest Elementary.

Things I like to do when I’m not at school:  shop, watch Property Brothers and House Hunters back to back episodes late at night when I should be sleeping, and sing in the car

Biggest pet peeve:  laziness

One thing everyone should know about me: I talk to myself ALL THE TIME!!  I also frequently bust out with song lyrics pertinent to the situation if not aloud, then in my head

I could eat this food item every day of my life: pizza

You can ask me about this/these things because I’m kind of an expert: being the “safety police” as my husband calls me. I guess I am a little too “over-cautious” at times...


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